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here. >>> governor jerry brown is making overtures of law that is a hot topic. the california environmental quality act requires developers to conduct environmental impact studies before they break ground. supporters are crediting urban sprawl. now it is spawning lawsuits to beat valuable projects to death. paul rogers, this is something that democrats in the governor's party have made clear they don't want touched. they want to leave sequia the way it is. >> it was signed in 1970 by then governor reagan. if you think about the way california was in the development of the '50s and '60s, we build hillendale and fill in the bay and plans for a six-lane freeway over the coast and the public had little input. sequia was modelled on a federal law. these laws say when you do a big project, particularly the california law, if you are a local or state government or developer, you have to have public meetings and you have to tell people how much smog it will put in the air and how many cars and noise. you have to mitigator offset that damage. you have to find ways, not to kill the proj
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1